• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that nationwide in 1996, 59% (62% by 1998) of all motor vehicle accident fatalities occurred in accidents in which no person involved in the accident had consumed any alcohol whatsoever. During 1996, 25,062 people died in motor vehicle accidents in which every single person involved in each accident was totally sober.
• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that nationwide in 1996 only 8.9% of motor vehicle accident fatalities occurred in “alcohol related accidents” where no person involved in the accident had a BAC equal to or greater than 0.10%. This statistical percentage has decreased every year since 1996.
• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that for the purpose of federal government statistics an “alcohol related accident” is one in which one or more parties to an accident, including all drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, had some alcohol in their systems, regardless of causation and regardless of who was at fault for the accident. In other words, under the existing government reporting system, a totally sober driver could cause a fatal motor vehicle accident to occur and if someone else involved in that accident had any measurable amount of alcohol in their system, that accident would be recorded for statistical purposes as an “alcohol related accident”
• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that nationwide in 1996, there was a total of only 3,803 fatalities in so-called “alcohol related” motor vehicle accidents where no person involved in the accident had a BAC equal to or greater than 0.10%. Those 3,803 fatalities represented approximately 0.00001434012% of the total U.S. population in 1996. Those 3,803 fatalities also represented only 0.00164560796% of the number of persons who died from all causes in the U.S. in 1996. How can any rational person believe that these numbers justify the arrest, conviction, incarceration, criminalization and humiliation of literally hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens each year on low BAC DUI charges?
To put the low BAC motor vehicle accident fatality rate into more perspective, National Safety Counsel statistics indicate that nationwide in 1997, 4,000 people died by drowning, 14,900 died in falls, 8,600 died by poisoning (excluding food poisoning, and food-born bacterial infections), 3,700 died in fires, and 3,300 died of suffocation by an ingested object. The CDC reports that up to 120,000 premature deaths in the U.S. were associated with exposure to air pollutants. The NHTSA reports that 40,000 injuries and 1,550 fatalities annually are attributable to fatigued and drowsy drivers.
• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that in recent years the number of fatalities due to “alcohol related” motor vehicle accidents has been declining fairly uniformly nationwide regardless of the statutory BAC limit that has been adopted by a given state. The only significant difference between those states that have adopted the 0.08% BAC limit and those that have maintained a 0.10% BAC limit is that more citizens are being arrested for DUI in the 0.08% BAC limit states. Lowering legal BAC limits below 0.10% does not appear to save lives. It does appear to unnecessarily criminalize our citizens, destroy marriages, wreck careers, lessen self esteem and cause widespread disrespect for law enforcement officers, the courts and our civil government.
• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that an evaluation of the effects of North Carolina’s 0.08% law that was prepared for the NHTSA in 1998 by the University of North Carolina’s Highway Safety Research Center concluded that, “…lowering the BAC limit in North Carolina did not have any clear effect on alcohol-related crashes.” The evaluation further concluded that, “…the North Carolina trend in several other commonly used indicators of alcohol involvement in fatal crashes did not differ in comparison with the 37 states that retained higher BAC limits.” It should be noted that MADD gives North Carolina an “A rating” for its oppressive DUI laws. North Carolina was one of the first states to sacrifice the freedom and liberties of its citizens in order to obtain federal funds and to satisfy the federal mandates that were wrought by MADD propaganda.
• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that according to NHTSA statistics nearly two thirds of all drivers and passengers killed in motor vehicle accidents (regardless whether alcohol involvement was a factor in the accident) were not wearing seat belts. The NHTSA estimates that 70% of the driving population wear seat belts regularly. The NHTSA also estimates that 4,000 fatalities and 100,000 injuries could be prevented annually if only 15% more of the driving population would wear seat belts on a regular basis. If MADD and our federal government were really interested in saving lives on the nation’s highways one would assume that they would be directing their energies and their draconian laws against drivers and their passengers who don’t wear seat belts. They will not do that though, because seat belts don’t contain alcohol.
• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that in every state where the statutory BAC limit has been lowered to 0.08%, the BAC limit for discretionary arrests has also been lowered to 0.05% – 0.06%. Those BAC limits are attained by an average size person on an empty stomach after a couple of beers or glasses of wine. Because the federal government gives large amounts of tax money to those states that agree to arrest more of their own citizens for low BAC DUIs, law enforcement in those states tends to be extremely aggressive. This means that in those states unusually large numbers of innocent citizens who are not really impaired are being arrested for DUI at the lower BAC levels. Throw in a few bad “cowboy” cops and you have a situation that would have made Joseph Stalin proud. Since no citizen who has had a couple of drinks can tell for sure whether or not they he or she is legally “impaired”, the only way a law abiding citizen can make sure that he or she is obeying the law and not risking arrest for DUI is to not drink anything. That is MADD’s goal. It is called Virtual Prohibition.
• MADD’S PROPAGANDA claims that after midnight one out of seven drivers on the nation’s highways are legally impaired by alcohol.* What MADD doesn’t tell you is that when our limited law enforcement resources are aggressively committed to attack the low BAC driver, the chronic/alcoholic drunk driver tends to get away. How many minutes do you think, on average, that it takes a law enforcement officer to stop a low BAC drinking driver, administer field tests, handcuff the citizen, take the citizen to the station, administer the Intoxilizer test, then transport the citizen to the county jail? How long is the officer off active patrol because of the arrest of a low BAC driver? More importantly, how many totally shit-faced, chronic drunk drivers passed along the roadway while the officer was engaged in arresting and transporting a citizen who may not have been impaired in any way except under the definition of the MADD inspired DUI laws. Is this a wise and just use of our limited law enforcement resources?

* This is a false and preposterous claim that was apparently pulled out of thin air. If it were true, law enforcement agencies would be derelict in their duties by failing to operate massive systematic roadblocks nationwide every night of the week after midnight. Our jails would also be packed far beyond capacity with arrested drivers.
• Neither MADD’S PROPAGANDA nor any of the federal government’s studies, research papers, reports or propaganda pronouncements contain a single word of caution, consideration or concern over the fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens are likely to become victimized and criminalized by the low BAC DUI Gulag that has been established in the U.S. under MADD’s guiding hand. There is not a single word of caution, consideration or concern over the fact that the rights and liberties of our citizens may be abused or abrogated. NOT A SINGLE WORD…ANYWHERE! Everything is geared towards obtaining more and more arrests, more and more convictions.


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