Words that don’t exist

POGONION: The bit in the middle of your chin that most sticks out.

PHILTRUM: The groove below your nose and above your mouth.

GLABELLA: The gap between your eyebrows.

CANTHUS: Corner of the eye where the upper and lower lids meet.

FIPPLE: The lower lip.

JOBLOCKS: Fleshy hanging cheeks (on your face!) SIMOUS: A flat or turned up nose.

WIKINS: The corners of the mouth.

MIMPING: To speak in a prissy manner.

BORBORYGMUS: The rumbling sounds made by the tummy.

CALLIPYGIAN: Ancient Greek word for a shapely bum.

COKE-BOTTLE SHOULDERS: The shoulders of someone who takes no responsibility.

QUOBLED: Hands that are shrivelled and wrinkled from doing too much washing-up.

BANANA FOLD: The fat line below the buttocks.

LIK-POT: The forefinger of the right hand.

PROGNATHOUS: To have a big jaw that juts forward.

BUFFALO HUMP: Lump of fat between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck.

COCKTHROPPLED: Having an unusually large Adam’s apple.

WORKING MAN’S SMILE: Builder’s bum.


CANKLES: Thick ankles.

ARCTOPHILE: A person who collects teddy bears.

BOONDOGGLING: The act of pretending to be busy.

CREPITATION: The crackling of a wood fire.

HYPNOPOMPIC: The fuzzy state between being asleep and awake.

DESIDERIUM: Yearning for a thing you have lost.

PROSOPAGNOSIA: The inability to recognise familiar faces.

THANATOPSIS: To think about death.

DUNDUCKYTIMUR: A dull but indescribable colour.

QUOMODOCUNQUIZE: Making money by any means possible.

CLOOP: The sound of drawing a cork from a bottle.

SWABBLE: Water being sloshed around.

WHIFFLE: A soft sound of gently moving air.

JARG: The creaking of a gate.

WHEEP: Sound of a steel weapon being drawn from its sheath.

AMPHORIC: The hollow sound when you blow across the top of a bottle.

FOG DOG: Lower part of a rainbow.

MONKEY’S WEDDING: Simultaneous rain and sunshine.

YAFFLE: To eat or drink greedily.

PINGLE: To move food around your plate without eating it.

HODGER: Someone who eats all the host’s food and drinks all their drink.

DOOADGE: To handle food in a messy way.

WAFF: The slightest touch of illness.

FLUFF: Breaking wind silently.

VURP: Something that’s between vomit and a burp.

BLEPHAROSPASM: Uncontrollable winking.

TRICHOTILLOMANIA: The compulsive desire to pull out your own hair.

GERVE: The breast pocket in a jacket.

BRITCH: The inside jacket pocket.

GRAVITY-BAGS: The seat of the trousers.

APPLE-CATCHERS: Oversized knickers.

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