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#1 Douche Bag

Today we nominate for the title of #1 Douche bag is Mel Gibson. Not for talking shit about his girlfriend or women in general, and not because he hates Jews, no we pick him because his movies are shit since … Continue reading

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Moon Landing

On this day in history America fakes the moon landing. Officially giving conspiracy theorist a hard-on and making The United States douchebags in duping the American public.

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Assholes

Gathered together for the first time ever, our tips on how you can be a more effective asshole: 1. Never respect anyone unless you’re sure they could physically beat you up. This includes your own mother, police officers, teachers, the … Continue reading

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• MADD PROPAGANDA will never tell you that nationwide in 1996, 59% (62% by 1998) of all motor vehicle accident fatalities occurred in accidents in which no person involved in the accident had consumed any alcohol whatsoever. During 1996, 25,062 … Continue reading

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